1345 Avenue of the Americas

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1345 Avenue of the Americas
1345 Avenue of the Americas April 2022.jpg
General information
Location1345 6th Avenue
New York, New York
Coordinates40°45′47″N 73°58′44″W / 40.763074°N 73.978752°W / 40.763074; -73.978752Coordinates: 40°45′47″N 73°58′44″W / 40.763074°N 73.978752°W / 40.763074; -73.978752
Construction started1966
OwnerFisher Brothers
Roof625 ft (191 m)
Technical details
Floor count50
Floor area1,998,994 sq ft (185,713 m2)
Design and construction
ArchitectEmery Roth & Sons
DeveloperFisher Brothers

1345 Avenue of the Americas, also known as the AllianceBernstein Building, is a 625-foot (191 m)-tall, 50-story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan New York City, New York.[1] Located on Sixth Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, the building was built by Fisher Brothers and designed by Emery Roth & Sons. When completed in 1969, the building was originally known as Burlington House, after Burlington Industries.

1345 Avenue of the Americas is an unrelieved slab structure in the International Style, sometimes referred to as "corporate" style, faced with dark glass. Its small plaza is dominated by its sprinkling fountain like a dandelion seedhead. It replaced the original Ziegfeld Theatre.

First public cellphone call[edit]

A base station atop the building was used on April 3, 1973, by Martin Cooper to make the world's first handheld cellular phone call in public. Cooper, a Motorola inventor, called rival Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs to tell him about the invention. Engel was staying across the street in the Hilton New York.

In popular culture[edit]

In the film Spider-Man 3 (2007), 1345 Avenue of the Americas is the building Gwen Stacy falls from in the crane scene. It also serves as the foyer for the fictional law firm in the film Michael Clayton (2007). It is used as the establishing shot for the corporate headquarters of the fictional company, Dunder Mifflin in the television show The Office.


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