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Lyrics and sheet music for the gwerz "Ar Roue Gralon Ha Kear Is" ("King Gradlon and the City of Ys", 1850)

Gwerz (Breton: [ɡʷɛ̞ʀz], "ballad", "lament", plural gwerzioù) is a type of folk song of Brittany.

In Breton music, the gwerz tells a story[1] which can be epic, historical, or mythological. The stories are usually of a tragic nature. The gwerz is characterised by an often monotonous melody and many couplets, all in the Breton language. Though historically sung unaccompanied,[2] some modern musicians use limited instrumentation with the gwerz.

Some of the most famous performers in current gwerzioù are Erik Marchand, Yann-Fañch Kemener, and Denez Prigent.[citation needed]

Notable gwerzioù[edit]


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