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The Hannan Medal in the Mathematical Sciences is awarded every two years by the Australian Academy of Science to recognize achievements by Australians in the fields of pure mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, and statistical science.

This medal commemorates the work of the late Edward J. Hannan, FAA, for his achievements in time series analysis.



Year Winner Affiliation Location Field Notes
2021 Mathai Varghese University of Adelaide Adelaide Pure Mathematics
2019 Alan Welsh Australian National University Canberra Statistical science
2017 Frank Robert De Hoog CSIRO Australia Applied and computational mathematics [1]
2015 Alan McIntosh Australian National University Canberra Pure Mathematics [2]
Gus Lehrer University of Sydney Sydney Pure Mathematics [2]
2013 Matthew Wand University of Technology, Sydney Sydney Statistical science
2011 Colin Rogers University of New South Wales Sydney Applied and computational mathematics
2009 E. Norman Dancer University of Sydney Sydney Pure mathematics [3]
2007 Eugene Seneta University of Sydney Sydney Statistical science [4]
2005 Richard P. Brent Australian National University Canberra Applied and computational mathematics [5]
2003 J. Hyam Rubinstein University of Melbourne Melbourne Pure mathematics
2001 Adrian J. Baddeley University of Western Australia Perth Statistical science
1998 Anthony J. Guttmann University of Melbourne Melbourne Applied and computational mathematics
1996 Neil S. Trudinger Australian National University Canberra Pure mathematics [6]
1994 Peter G. Hall University of Melbourne Melbourne Statistical science
Christopher C. Heyde Australian National University Canberra Statistical science

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